Workshop Services

We share your passion for cycling, and just like any cyclist, we understand that you want only the very best for your beloved bike. For it to run with optimal performance, it needs to be looked after and serviced regularly.

Rival Bikes is proud to offer a full range of workshop services. Please do not hesitate to come in and see us in store if you have any questions. We will always strive to provide you with the best possible service.

We advise to please call ahead to book your bike in, as some services may take a little longer, and also to avoid disappointment if we are unable to slot your bike in on the day. This ensures that we can get you back out on bike as soon as possible!

General Service $79*

Adjust gears & brakes. Check tyres, nuts & bolts, chain, wheels are true, derailleur alignment, crank arm tension, brake and derailleur cables. Check & adjust if necessary wheel bearings, steering head bearings. Lube chain & derailleur. Safety test and road test.


General Service + Clean $119*

General service + full bike wash. Remove drivetrain, degrease and clean. Minor wheel true.


Premium Service $159*

Incudes general and race service + Remove bottom bracket and headset. Replace if necessary.


Single Speed/BMX Service $69


Parts replaced incur additional cost

Bikes to be collected within 48 hours of completion (or by prior arrangement)

Storage fee after 48 hours $5/day

Please note additional additional charges for parts may apply.


Other Labour Fees

Puncture repair – wheel on bike $15 + parts
Puncture repair – wheel off bike $10 + parts
Fit cables $10 each
Full recable (inc. parts) $80*
Fit chain $15.00
Di2 diagnostic test $50.00
Fit tubeless tyre $30 + parts
Fit tubular tyre $40 + parts
Gear adjust $30.00
Fit cassette (old cassette on) $15.00
Fit cassette (old cassette removed) $10.00
Remove and replace bottom bracket $30.00
Fit derailleur & adjust gears $30.00
Straighten derailleur hanger $20.00
True buckled wheel & or replace spokes $30-40 + spokes
Re-spoke wheel (standard spoke) from $100.00
Brake bleed front or rear $30-$40 each
Fit bicycle computer $25.00
Fit new brakepads $15 + parts
Fit handlebar grips $10.00
Fit handlebar tape $20 + tape
Fit handlebars $40.00
Fit saddle $10-15
Fit stand $10.00
Fit pannier rack $15-$25
Fit baby seat from $25.00

*not TT Bikes