WeeRide Deluxe Baby Seat


WeeRide Deluxe front baby seat is a luxurious padded seat with a great view of the trip!

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The new WeeRide Deluxe Baby Seat is a centre-mounted child bike seat allows you to watch your child and the road at the same time. The padded dashboard even acts as a comfy pillow for the sleepy traveller. In fact, you can probably prevent such mishaps from occuring. A recent study by Research Now found that seven out of ten parents would prefer a front-mounted bicycle child carrier than a traditional rear-mounted one. Suitable for 1-4 year olds up to 22kg.

The ultimate in child and comfort and safety, the WeeRide Child Carrier Deluxe offers all the features of WeeRide’s popular carrier–including a unique carrying position and adjustable foot cups–but ups the ante by adding ultra-thick padding on the seat and back and a padded shoulder harness. As a result, your child will be more secure and comfortable than ever while you ride across the countryside or to the grocery store. The deluxe safety harness and oversized buckle system, meanwhile, will keep your child secure while giving him or her a much better view of the road and surrounding activities. Perhaps the subtlest yet most convenient feature, however, is the enhanced weight distribution, which keeps you from wavering while navigating corners or hitting bumps. The LTD WeeRide bike seat–the plushest carrier that WeeRide makes–carries a two-year warranty.

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Weight 8 kg







Up to 22kg

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Delux Ltd


Baby is seated in front or you so you can communicate with them.<br />
Baby can enjoy the same view as you do.<br />
Peace of mind know what your child is doing 100% of the time without taking your eyes of the road.<br />
The padded dashboard even acts as a comfy pillow for the sleepy traveller.<br />
Luxurious padding<br />
Suitable 1-4years<br />


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