Trek Speed Concept

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Some wins are measured in seconds. On the Trek Speed Concept  you’ll measure your improvements in minutes!

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The Trek Speed Concept is pure drag-defying tri performance. It offers total aerodynamic integration, incredible fit, and even Project One customisation – all in one incredible system.

You own the course on Speed Concept. Design, components and incredible fit combine to meet your best effort and propel you to new heights of performance. Welcome to the win.

Key features

  • 500 Series OCLV Carbon makes the ultimate light tri bike
  • Whole-bike integrated aero system is the world’s fastest
  • Largest range of sizes and adjustability for a perfect fit
  • Make it yours: completely customisable through Project One

Key Features of the Trek Speed Concept

Integrated Handlebar – Bar is integrated into the frame for the sleekest lowest-drag profile.

Ultra-clean Front End – Move around to the front of the speed concept and an amazing thing happens: it all but disappears. Fully integrated handlebar with hidden gear shift and brake cables presents 30% less surface to the wind. It’s the lightest, most aero front end ever.

Beyond the Wind Tunnel – We went beyond the wind tunnel to make the world’s fastest bike even faster. We factored in real-world conditions, tested on actual courses, and again left the competition behind

Integrated Speed Storage – Bontrager integrated Speed Storage products are so well fitted to the speed concept frame that you and your bike are actually more aerodynamic with them then without.

Fats build, Easy adjustment – Tri bikes are not known to be mechanic friendly. But speed concept changes that. It’s faster to build, easier to adjust and simpler to pack for race travel. You’re welcome.

Full-Foil Fork – we tested every shape possible, and found this 6:1 ratio is fastest where it matters most. This fork slices the wind from 2.5-12.5 degrees of yaw angle without stalling for unparalleled aerodynamic performance in real-world condition.

Project One – Don’t settle for anyone else’s bike. Create your very own with Project One, Trek’s custom bike programme.