Bike Sizing Guide


The Importance of a Correctly Fitting Bike

A quality bicycle fit from Trek is just as important as a Trek quality bicycle.  If you’re not fit correctly, you’re more than likely not going to enjoy your new ride.  In addition, maybe you have an existing bicycle and it’s “just not comfortable.”

Common symptoms of a poorly fit bicycle or the incorrect size bicycle can include:

  • Hand Numbness
  • Neck, Back, Shoulder, Knee Pain
  • Foot Irritation or Numbness
  • Eye Strain
  • Loss of Handling or Unsteadiness
  • Loss of Performance 

At Rival Bikes, it’s our goal to have everyone fit correctly to their bicycle before they walk out the door, from a classic cruiser up to a high performance time trial bike.  It’s also our goal to place you in a position where you’re comfortable whatever your riding goals may be. For more information about our bicycle fit services, stop in to or give us a call.


Trek bikes feature excellence in design, to ensure kids frames allow for growth spurts (in their saddle heights, geometry, and stems), to ensure a long lasting, quality bike. Don’t settle for a department boxed bike, Trek’s dialed frames will grow as the child does. The same Trek quality that you know and love makes each Trek Childrens bike fun, safe and durable, now, and for years to come.

Trek Precision Fit

Trek Precision Fit’s are designed for the athlete who wants to take their riding to next level and get more power and performance out of their bike. This is not a standard bike fit, this is one aimed to maximise a riders power output. Trek Precision Fits are a worldwide recognised, top-quality service.

A personal fitting experience will address your specific needs, giving you a tailor-made solution that will lead to countless hours of faster, more comfortable and more enjoyable riding.

  1. Your Precision Fit technician will talk with you to learn your goals and needs as a cyclist.
  2. Before you get on the bike, your fit technician will assess your range of motion and flexibility.
  3. You and your technician will determine your proper shoe selection and cleat placement to give you a sound foundation.
  4. Your on-the-bike fit starts with an evaluation of your current position and a simple overview of the steps to follow.
  5. Set-up starts with saddle selection, and continues via a series of incremental adjustments to create your ideal biomechanical alignment.
  6. Here’s where your fit takes its final form, with proper stem height and reach, and handlebar shape and width to optimise your posture and power.
  7. You’ll end your session with a detailed document that defines your fit, and a follow-up appointment to guarantee your satisfaction.

For more information please visit Treks Precision Fit, or see us in store.