Bike Buying Guide


Choosing the right bike

For the bike best suited to your riding needs, we suggest you pop in and see us in store, where we can evaluate your riding type, and demonstrate the most appropriate bikes.

Selecting the right bike is just as important as the right size. At Rival Bikes, we urge you to put strong thought into the intended use, so we can match you with the best suitable bike. After deciding the style of bike (mountainbikes, road bikes, hybrids, cruisers, kids bikes, BMX), we can figure out the best sized bike. We understand choosing the right sized bike is often a daunting task, so we work together with you until you are 100% satisfied.

We will provide expert advice on the style most suited to your riding needs and ensure it fits in the best way possible.


How to choose the right bike for your child


  • Have you considered a balance bike?

For more cautious children, a Balance Bike may be the solution to increasing their confidence and enjoyment on the bike. A balance bike has no pedals, crank, training wheels, so your child can simply scoot their feet along the ground to move and stop, while also being low enough to the ground that their feet touch the ground (ensuring no nasty crashes). This teaches the child to steer, balance and stop, before progressing on to the challenge of pedalling.


  • Choose the right size

When determining the size, there are generally three rules. When sitting on the saddle, their feet should be able to easily touch the bottom without having to stretch or use their toes. They should also be able to have a firm grip and be able to hold onto the handlebars with ease. Thirdly, they must sit comfortably, not too cramped and not too stretched out. This includes their legs not being too bent. Whilst it is tempting to buy a bike bigger than usual for your child to grow into, it can be dangerous until then as they will struggle to control it.


  • Invest in the correct safety gear

Australian Law states that no person is allowed to ride a bike without a safety helmet, children included. It is crucial that your child’s helmet fits snugly on their head, and also be bright so it can be easily recognised.


  • How much assembly is required?

All of Rival Bikes bicycles come fully assembled and safety checked.


  • Do you need training wheels?

Training wheels are recommended for kids between the ages of 2 and 5, to help develop their sense of balance. After this, training wheels are easily removable.